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About Us

We are highly enthusiastic professionals specialized to deliver high quality web application on time. We use new and stable technologies to fulfil our customer’s need.

We follow Iterative, incremental and evolutionary agile software development methodology with well-planned sprint, constant delivery of working software and still welcoming new changes.



We work on Enterprise Software, that addresses organization wide challenges by collaborating with the client and understanding their business. We come up with innovative solutions and discuss them with the stake holders, gather suggestions and/or corrections, share the plan and act on it. We work on Business Process Management (BPM), Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

We also develop Custom Software that is featured product for our customers intended to solve specific area of problem. We have knowledge of developing Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Payroll System, Inventory Management System (IMS) and software related to Hospital, College and School operations.

We are specialized on developing secure and reliable e-Commerce sites by using our vast industry knowledge and domain expertise. Our expertise includes development of Online Stores, Online Ticket Booking, Online Shopping.

Apart from above, we are working on a SaaS product where you only pay for the service you use, and we also do re-innovation of old applications.

Our Services

Enterprise Web Application

Intended to solve an organization-wide problem, rather than a departmental or individual problem. We focus on performance, scalability and robustness.

Custom Web Application

Developed for specific organization or an individual need. Your preferences, Your expectations, Our quality Delivery.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)

Centrally hosted software yet well customizable and configurable, delivered over internet as a service.

E-Commerce Web Applications

Be it goods or service, buy it or sell it over the internet.


We would love to tell you more about us.